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July 30th, 2017    

James Williams - Juvenile Defendant Speaks out from behind the walls “We have a Voice and we will be heard”

James Williams is currently serving a life sentence at Jackson Correctional Institute. WI.banner_prison_law.jpg


July 24th, 2017    

Kids In Prison with Wolf Sittler

Juvenile_Injustice.jpgEpicenter is a group for those who have loved ones serving excessive sentences within TDCJ, whose crimes were committed as juveniles.


July 24th, 2017    

FITEfilm (From Incarceration to Education) Skylar Economy



July 23rd, 2017    

Mama Pat’s Foods Llc Owner, Entrepreneur and Chef Ron Freeman

19511385_1721718321188797_2992127469302861601_n.jpg Mama Pats Noodles are going into the entire prison system nationwide and we did this not for profits but to help our incarcerated brothers and sisters in America. Find out why and what health benefits they offer to the Incrcerated.


July 19th, 2017    

Marlon Peterson - International Criminal Justice Advocate



July 18th, 2017    

Lakeisha Muhammad Co-Founder of SOLO Project

Lakeisha C Muhammed - Network Marketing Professional Advocate and Co founder of SOLO Published book project and Author. The SOLO Project was founded by Justice and Lakeisha Muhammad. 2017-07-19.jpg


July 17th, 2017    

Author and Speaker Gloria Woods

 As Gloria Woods began writing down many of the feelings she experienced she found that God had gifted her in the area of writing and she wrote her first book: Broken Shackles: A Mothers Journey. 2017-07-18.jpg


July 15th, 2017    

Andrea Jones-Fordd: Justice advocate at Prison Fellowship Co-founder Inmate lives matter

inmatelivesiowa.pngAndrea Jones-Fordd - As a avid and passionate Advocate of Prison Reform Andrea spends her time fighting for the rights of the incarcerated, their loved ones and friends. This is not a path chosen by the faint of heart, it's a challange that demands inner strength, commitment and dedication. Here she shares her hopes for reform, her mission and her goals.


July 12th, 2017    

Lina Trevino Co-Founder of Inmate Lives Matter

Our mission is to advocate on their behalf, and to bring awareness to the tax payers and elected officials of the injustices that these individuals face. #InmateLivesMatter. Inmate Lives Matter


July 9th, 2017    

Kat Warner Criminal Justice Student and Advocate

Kat Warner is currently pursuing her Criminal Justice Degree and Advocay. Listen as she explains her life's Journey. Kat is passionate about Re entry Reform and changes to the support available upon release from prison for ex inmates. 


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